‘Small Change …. for a Big Reward $$$$$!’

We live in a rapidly changing world and thus workplace.

If others are anything like me; they will sometimes resist, refuse or actively fight the very idea of CHANGE.

“Can’t we just do it this way, the way we’ve always done it?” “Nick-off (or something similar) and just let me do it”.

I recently had two insights into how we can move ourselves and our teams into a place where change is OK.

Firstly, reflect on how far you’ve come and clarify the things that have not changed.

These things are generally the foundational motivations and aspirations of both our people and organisations.

Knowing that there are constants, allows us to rise to the challenge of change.

Secondly, the very last place we should ‘BUTT HEADS’ is over a possibility of what might be.

Encourage others to communicate what they think the outcomes might look like if we take a different approach.

Kind Regards,
Phil McLean


The recent TV series HOWZAT – Kerry Packer’s War, was compelling and at times very funny viewing. If you didn’t see it, it’s a must view.

From a people management perspective we were given an insight into the very best (what the heck was he doin’ on that lawnmower?) and perhaps close to the worst of … ‘HOWZAT DONE KERRY ?’

Reminds me of the importance of a ‘considered response’ over a ‘reaction’ and the need to employ E. R. A. principles when endeavoring to get the very best out of a team.

Generally people respond to;




If this isn’t already in your toolbox, try it for a week in your interactions with others, you may get some very interesting outcomes.

Kind Regards,
Phil McLean

‘Every Customer ……….. Every Time’

Had a gift from a very skilled speaker offering wit and wisdom on human behavior. I’d like to share it with you. I, trust you will find it as valuable as we have in our business.

Everything I know about good customer service, a full day seminar condensed to 5 dot points (courtesy of Phillip Hesketh)

  • Be Nice
  • Ask More Questions
  • Truly Care for Your Customer
  • Do What you Say you Will
  • Exceed Expectations


Kind Regards,
Phil McLean

Warts and All

The Recruiters role is to find the right people for an organisation.

Both candidates and companies generally have a few ‘warts‘ and most of them want to hide ‘the ugly bits‘.

At some stage in the employment cycle, both party’s ‘warts‘ become visible.

If there is one thing I know about managers is they hate surprises.
Eliminate the ‘surprise…gotcha’ factor after you’ve made the decision to employ.

The people who are the best at selecting the right person for a long-term role find ways to make the ‘warts‘ visible prior to the parties committing to each other.

Kind Regards,
Phil McLean

Three Simple Questions For You To Ask That Will Make a Positive Impact When You Hire

Being in the Recruitment Industry I am often confronted with comments by Business Owners and Managers, that ‘good people are just so difficult to find’or it seems that ‘people just don’t want to work anymore’. These comments have been around ever since I started employing people in the mid 70’s. It has never been easy to hire the right people and have them in the right seats. Much of what I have learned about employing people is covered off on these 3 elements of evaluation when selecting someone for a role;

  1. Could they do the Job?
    Are they nice people, likeable, engaging? Would you be happy for them to represent your organisation?
  2. Can they do the Job?
    Do they have the right skills, abilities, certification and a history of success in previous, similar roles?
  3. Will they do the Job?
    Will this person work for you at this time in their life? Are they motivated to do so? Do they possess the right character and temperament?

Kind Regards,
Phil McLean

The 8th Person for Free

A recent newspaper article highlighted the fact even the most productive employees had 12% of their day as ‘unproductive’. The largest single reason given for the lack of productivity was that employees were waiting for their boss to make a decision.

So here’s a way to get your 8th employee for nothing…Make quicker decisions or empower your employees to make the decisions.

Kind Regards,
Phil McLean

Improve your Bottom Line Today

Limit all your activity in ‘your role’ to either:

That which will improve profitability.


That which will increase revenue.

It sounds both ridiculously easy and impossible at the same time doesn’t it?

Every business I know is in existence to make a profit so how come we are often just busy being busy? There will of course be those things that ‘have’ to be done to maintain existing business or keep an internal operating system running. But how much more time and money would be available to you, if you took all those activities out of your day that are the non-essentials to increasing revenue or to eliminating cost? ‘Trainsform’ your business into a moving train ……. motivated with
momentum, a sense of urgency stopping only at those stations that add profit and revenue.

Kind Regards,

Phil McLean